Model T in Burford

Published January 27, 2014

Following on from my comment about a Cream Tea in Burford, it’s reminded me of another visit to this town a month later. My wife and I were taking a caravan holiday in the Cotswolds to see many of the places we had passed through but never really stopped to see. Burford was one such place.

Whilst there, we noticed a gentleman with a Ford Model T so, my curiosity being aroused, I talked with him about it. I can’t remember too much about what he said, but he had restored it from a rather sorry state. He confessed that he was not a total purist, or words to that effect. However, the car looked good and he was really enthusiastic about it, offering us a ride for a small payment to his chosen charity. You don’t really refuse such an offer so we both had a ride around the town.

Ford Model T in Burford

Ford Model T in Burford

Our trips had to be taken separately as it’s only a two-seater. It was rather strange climbing up into the car. It’s good that it was a sunny afternoon being an open-topper and it gave a lovely feeling not being cocooned in a metal box. The traffic in Burford was rather heavy, so it was interesting to see how Tony managed the car, especially going uphill. Naturally, it took quite a few curious looks from the members of the public and other road users. It was an experience which added to the holiday and, probably, will never be repeated.  Although he’s from Brighton, I asked if would be interested in addressing our Group. The answer was in the affirmative and Tony is now booked for June.

Oh yes, I should add that another Cream Tea was enjoyed after the ride.


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