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Bridgnorth Cliff Railway

Published June 24, 2015

Had the pleasure of visiting the pretty town of Brignorth earlier this month and, of course, the highlight had to be a ride on what is claimed to be the steepest cliff railway in England. It certainly seems steep when you are in a car looking down at the lower station! Bridgnorth is built on two levels with the Low Town stradling the river Severn and the castle and the rest of the High Town 111ft above. The picture on the left shows the path of the railway. The upper station is top centre with the pointed roofs with one […]

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Racing Lawnmowers?

Published January 15, 2015

I have just been watching a TV programme featuring an article on lawnmower racing, which both surprised and fascinated me. There is even an association in the UK and one in the States, and may even be more. Should you be interested, it’s worth doing an internet search to find out more as there are a number of websites available.

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