Meeting Cancelled

Published July 23rd

Our next meeting is in September.

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Boating in the Bristol Channel – Alan Keef

Published June 25th

Alan is stepping in to fill a gap as the proposed speaker for June can’t now make it.  He says it will be more of a chat than a ‘proper’ presentation.

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A Circle Round Europe – Phil Price

Published May 28th

Phil is member of the group and will be talking about one of his railway experiences.

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Subject TBA – Rob Rowland

Published April 23rd

Rob is an artist illustrator. He writes this about himself, “I was born and brought in the East Midlands in the 50s & 60s in the industrial landscape of the time with its cobbled streets, gas lamps, back yards, canals and railway viaducts; and it was while working in an art and design studio on themes to coincide with the GWR 150th anniversary celebrations in 1985, that I became fascinated with depicting railways in my own painting and later with other aspects of our industrial heritage.” He came to the group many years ago so it will be good to […]

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The End of the Bristol Trams – Peter Davey

Published March 26th

Peter is a tram enthusiast, an interest which he inherited from his father, and has many talks about trams in Bristol and farther afield.  Having addressed the Group on previous occasions we look forward to another of his informative presentations.  He has appeared on television many times, including talking with his former school friend, Timothy West.

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North of the Border – Steve Turner

Published February 26th

Following a canal boat holiday in Scotland, which included the Falkirk Wheel, Steve had the desire to return to the country of his birth.  He made the trip in 2018 and this talk records his exploits of transport interest over 11 days.

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In Defence of the Drift – A Gloster Boy Abroad – Paul Barnett

Published January 22nd

This is not a transport related talk but Paul, who has to spoken to the Group on many previous occasions, was very keen to address us on this subject, so we’ve given in!  The date of the talk is the 140th anniversary of the battle at Rorkes Drift.  Paul says, “…the talk transports the audience from the sun baked plains of Victorian South Africa to the serein pastures of rural Churcham in Gloucestershire.  All the while setting the scene of the now long-forgotten tale of Forest boy Alfred Henry Hook, VC winner, whose epic exploits whilst at Rorkes Drift – […]

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In Defence of the Drift – A Gloster Boy Abroad – Paul Barnett

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Air Mail – John Taylor

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